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Andy’s Guacamole!

Andy is married to my niece, Jamie… and Andy makes this amazing guacamole! He has added to our family tradition at Christmas time, that after cutting down our Christmas tree, while waiting for the cookie dough, Andy makes his guacamole! If your napping…looking for decorations…whatever…if your not there when its ready to eat, you may just miss out because we all gobble it up so fast! I think he should make it at all the family gatherings…but that’s just me! ~Thanks Andy!

Andy’s Guacamole

Serves 4-6 People

5  Large Avocado pitted and diced

1  Red onion

1 -Jalapeno

1  Bunch of fresh cilantro

3  Limes

1 Lemon

Garlic Salt

Fresh Ground Black Pepper

Put the diced and pitted avocado in a bowl and squeeze 2 limes and half a lemon in as well.  Remove the stems from the cilantro and finely chop it, along with the red onion in to the bowl.  Depending on how hot you want your guacamole, remove as much of the jalapeno seeds and vein, as you like.  I like to just throw it all in because I like spicy foods!  Dice the jalapeno very small.  Grind in a bunch of black pepper, and the garlic salt.  I tend to use a TON of garlic salt because I don’t use any fresh garlic, or any salt, so it’s your call.

Now you can mash it all together, keeping the consistency you’re after.  Some people like it chunky and some people throw it all in the food processor.  Personally, I like it right in the middle.  Not super chunky and not super thin.

Taste it, you might need to add more lime, or pepper, or garlic salt.  Keep in mind the saltiness of the chips you pick also.  Those Taco Works chips are crazy salty!  I prefer the Have’ A Corn Chip!  Or Casa Sanchez, those are my favorite! ~Andy

Peter’s Pick: A Cerveza of course!

~Happy Cooking!

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