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French Fridays with Dorie: Tomato – Cheese Tartlets

Where does the week go? Friday is here again… so that means it’s French Fridays with Dorie, the online cooking club I belong to. It took me two trips to Trader Joe’s today to finish getting the ingredients to make the Tomato and Cheese Tartlets. Pierce, my wild and wonderful four-year old was having a tantrum because we passed the new Target store and he knows that they have an amazing Batman and Spiderman section in there! So with him screaming and kicking at the top of his lungs…I decided to drive through the parking lot and come back later (Pierce came the second time also…but, I was smarter the second time and went in the other way… and he was a perfect angel in TJ’s!)

We had our Tomato – Cheese Tartlets for an appetizer tonight but, I could have just made a salad and called it a day but…no I went on to make a pork tenderloin with fig-ginger glaze, roasted fingerlings potatoes, and saute zucchini.  If you know me at all…if I had a bad day then, Peter gets a fabulous meal!

Happy Cooking!

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