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Winter Stew

Winter Stew

Winter Stew

I received my new Fine Cooking Magazine the other day in the mail…funny because I was just about to not renew my subscription! And there it was ~ such a great idea, a step by step guide to creating stews (I normally hate), your way! Peter, my husband, was so happy when he came home and I had made stew! He always asks me to make a stew, being that he’s from Ireland, and with all the cold weather lately, he really wanted a stew to warm him up.

It’s a brilliant idea! You choose what flavors you’d like to mix and match and they just give you a six-step guide line:

  • Meat (Choose one – 3 lbs.)
  • Flavor Accent (Choose at least two and up to five)
  • Deglazing Liquid (Choose one -1 cup)
  • Stewing Liquid (Choose one – 2 1/2 cups)
  • Vegetables and Dried Fruits (Choose at least two and up to four, 4 to 6 cups)
  • Finishes (Choose up to four)

Here is the link to get the step by step guide and some ideas to make an awesome stew!

This is what I did:

  • Meat: Chuck Roast
  • Flavor Accents: Garlic, Dried Bay Leaves, Fresh Rosemary, Freshly Cracked Pepper
  • Deglazing Liquid: Red Wine, Pinot Noir
  • Stewing Liquid: Chicken Broth
  • Vegetables and Dried Fruits: Carrots, Butternut Squash, Leeks, Onions, and Dried Apricots
  • Finishes: Olives, Jalapeno Basil Pesto


Peter’s Wine Pick: Tusk Fustis, Tempranillo

~Happy Cooking!

2 thoughts on “Winter Stew”

  • Well once a gain my fav food blogger has inspired me…. checking my emails (dinner was on my mind) and low and behold beef stew! So I did a;
    peppered petite beef fillet(it was in the freezer)
    Accent- fresh rosemary,thyme,garlic and cracked pepper
    Deglaze- Marsala & Red Wine
    Stewing liquid-Chicken Broth
    Veggies- onion, carrots, celery & sun-dried tomatoes
    Finish- fresh chopped parsley
    It was yummy!! I was tempted to add dried apricots, but I chickened out.
    Thanks for a great dinner Adrienne! xoxo

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