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Valentine Shortbread Cookie Hearts

Valentine Shortbread Cookie Hearts

Heart Shortbread Cookies

Today Pierce had a Valentine’s Day Party at his preschool…and of course, I had to bring something! I had a recipe from Ina Garten that I found years ago and has become one of those staples in my recipes (the big stack that keeps expanding!) This shortbread dough always sets up, and for those of you that have made shortbread, that’s half the battle…

What a mess!

Total Time: 1 hr 15 min
Prep: 20 min
Inactive: 30 min
Cook: 25 min
Yield: 24 cookies
Level: Easy

3/4 pound unsalted butter (3 sticks), at room temperature
1 cup granulated sugar
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
3 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1/4 teaspoon kosher salt
3/4 pound confectioners’ sugar

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

In the bowl of an electric mixer (like a Kitchen Aide Mixer) fitted with a paddle attachment, mix together the butter and granulated sugar until they are just combined and add the vanilla. In a medium bowl, sift together the flour and salt, then add them to the butter-and-sugar mixture. Mix on low-speed until the dough starts to come together. Dump onto a surface dusted with flour and shape into a flat disk. Wrap in plastic and chill for 30 minutes.

Roll the dough 1/4-inch thick and cut into shapes with a cutter. Place the cookies on an ungreased baking sheet.

Bake for 20 to 25 minutes, until the edges begin to brown. Allow to cool to room temperature.

For the glaze, place the confectioners’ sugar in a medium bowl and add about 4 to 5 tablespoons of water until you have a runny, but not too thick frosting. Spread the glaze to the edge of each cookie. ~Or just dust with confectioner’s sugar.

~Happy Cooking!

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