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Bluecheese Cocktail Crackers

Bluecheese Cocktail Crackers

Hello? Remember me? I havn’t been around because I’ve been catering like mad ~YIPPEE!

I’m doing a large (200 guests) wedding in August and have been having my friends and family sampling cocktails and appetizers. For sampling cocktails, I made these Bluecheese Cocktail Crackers that I had a recipe for by Barefoot Contessa and she called for Parmesan cheese (I didn’t have any) ~ so I used Bluecheese instead = delish!

I think these would be awesome with a fig compote spread on top and maybe a sprinkle of toasted almonds! Hmmm…maybe an idea for Saturday’s Party at Urban Groove Hair Salon!

Here’s your recipe link:

~Happy Cooking!

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